Application for Canine Adoption

Thank you for wanting to adopt a rescued dog! There are so many wonderful dogs in need of loving, committed homes and you are literally saving a life when you adopt! Freedom Street Rescue works very hard to make perfect matches between families and rescue dogs. This application is the first step in that process. After we receive your completed application, it is sent to the foster team for review. Each application is carefully considered to create a match which best suits the dog’s physical and emotional needs with the applicant’s home.

Freedom Street Rescue is an all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to pull shelter dogs who are at imminent risk of being killed. We expend whatever funds necessary to provide veterinary care to bring the dogs back to great health, and our adoption donation only covers a portion of the costs each dog has from his/her journey from shelter/streets to Freedom Street.

Puppies under 6 months$550, due to additional expenses
Pups 6-12 months$500
Adult Dogs 1-8 years$450
Senior Dogs aged 8+$300

Transport (ground) to the Northeast and Northwest costs $200 – $250 depending on which transporter provides transport and your location. We are always happy to discuss fees.

*Please keep in mind you may have immediate unforeseen expenses with the dog once off transport. Please discuss this possibility with the adoption coordinator you are assigned to. FSR can not waive the adoption fee because it prevents us from saving other dogs in need.

We collect 1/2 of the adoption fee and transport fee (non-refundable) before transport. We finalize the other 1/2 once the dog has adjusted (approximately 3 to 4 weeks) in his/her new home. If you decide not to adopt, we will refund the first 1/2 of the adoption fee at the time a new home is found. Please keep in mind the dog will stay with you UNTIL a new home is found. The NEW adopter will also pay 1/2 first and the other 1/2 at time to finalize adoption.

Our dogs are evaluated to the best abilities of our vets and volunteers, but please be aware that you are bringing in a rescued dog and that there is an adjustment period of four to six weeks for a dog to feel stable in his/her new home. 

Please be fully committed to the training, energy and love that it will take for your dog to settle in to your home.