Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you adopt out of Texas primarily?

FSR adopts out of state because Texas has a overpopulation epidemic. Our shelters are overrun with pure-breed and mix-breed dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our belief is to get the dogs out of Houston and into loving forever committed homes out of state.

Why is a dog listed on Petfinder in Boston or other cities when they are actually being fostered in Houston, TX?

Petfinder’s search engine looks for dogs that are closest to the adopters location. In order for our dogs to get coverage in those areas we must list them as being located in that area.

How long does the adoption process take?

Our standard adoption process is completing an application, two phone calls, vet checks and reference checks. If all that is approved you then can talk to the foster to get more everyday information about that dog. We handle adoptions this way in order to get to know the adopter and then placing the best dog that fits their family. A pretty picture of the dog isn’t always the best fit. Our goal is to place a dog once into their forever home.

Why can’t I meet the dog first?

All of our dogs are fostered in Houston TX. This allows us to get to know them VERY VERY well before we choose the right family to adopt them. You can however “foster to adopt” after the dog has been matched with you. This means we send the dog and you commit to “fostering” them until you are ready to make them a part of your family OR we find another match for them.

If I want to foster, how long will the dog live with me?

It depends on the dog.  If they are going through medical treatment it could take several months. A foster period for our healthy, ready for adoption dogs, normally takes from 4 to 8 weeks.  Of course sometimes longer depending on the breed of the dog and the time of the year.

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